IASSIST Computing Services provides systems development, IT consulting and value-added services to companies of every size.

IASSIST supplies contract experience to corporate environments for long or short term projects. We provide project leadership, technical expertise and hands-on development skills. Our skills are in the areas of Business Information Systems, Development Infrastructures and Internet/Intranet and eCommerce projects but we have worked across a breadth of business functions and into a depth of technologies.

IASSIST also provides value-add to smaller businesses through our web hosting, site design and management services. Our experience allows us to bring Enterprise experience to the small business.

Many business, both small and large, tend to believe that the IT Projects, Internet-based or otherwise are too complicated and too expensive to be accessible or so uncomplicated that they can do it all themselves. Reality, as expected, is well between the two extremes.

Experience has shown IASSIST that projects with strong foundations provide the greatest rates of success and greatest returns on investment. Our experience with full lifecycle projects across the IT spectrum allow us to contribute real world knowledge and effective guidance to client projects.


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